Colts Fans are Abandoning Ship

Every team that’s ever experienced long streaks of winning seasons have fans like this. Spoiled fans are the result of such streaks, and this article is exactly what I’m talking about. It should also make you feel better about the Jaguars’ season.

“Fans pay money they don’t always have for a winning product. And, as we have consistently been told by the owner, the front office, and the coaches for years, the expectations in Indy are for winning. Nothing else. This isn’t Detroit, Houston, Tampa Bay, or Jacksonville, where fan expectations are measured in the team not sucking as much as fans think it will.

In Indy, expectations are for greatness. That’s what we’re all paying for, at least.

Coming into this year, the expectations weren’t for Andrew Luck in 2012. I understand that Peyton’s injury was not planned for, but part of the reason fans are mad is because it probably should have been planned for.

I guess my point in this rant is to say that we, as fans, have been conditioned and encouraged to have high expectations. When those expectations aren’t met, when they fall so short that it seems laughable to have had them in the first place, I don’t think it’s correct to blame the fans for having those expectations, or to dismiss them as not being ‘realistic.’ Once you start doing that, it just alienates them further, breeding more resentment.

Again, fans pay for winning football. When they don’t get it, teams and owners shouldn’t expect fans to show up. It’s just that simple. Nothing personal, mind you.

Just business.”

Since the writer is probably from Indiana, my home state, I feel obligated to tell you that I know plenty of intelligent Hoosiers that aren’t pieces of crap. Most, in fact, are good people, but this article just makes me shake my head.

Shane Clemons

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