Del Rio: Jaguars Will Be Ready

Enlightening comments from head coach, Jack Del Rio.

““We spent a lot of time preparing as you know going through what if scenarios, getting our offseason in hand and kind of basically been in a wait until we get the green light mode,” Del Rio told WFJX in Jacksonville, per Sports Radio Interviews. “We know that we are going to need to sign free agents. We are not only going to need to sign pro free agents, but college free agents, the undrafted guys, get our draft picks signed and get into camp and start working our team, so we’re ready to do that. We got a lot of different plans…kind of what if scenarios and how they may unfold and we’re basically ready to go and excited about the fact that it sounds like they are getting close and we are going to get back to doing our jobs and having football this fall and that’s what we are really fired up about.””

Shane Clemons

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