Lombardi Says Garrard Doesn’t Have “the eye of the tiger”

Michael Lombardi puts in an interesting opinion about David Garrard’s drive.

““They brought Blaine Gabbert in because they don’t feel David Garrard has the eye of the tiger. They feel that when David Garrard leaves the facility that football is behind him, that he could care less about the game. They don’t feel like David Garrard is committed to [excellence]. They think he’s a good player and they like him. But they don’t think he has that innate intangible that really drives and really wants to be a great pro. Now maybe with Gabbert there, he’ll bring that intensity out of him. I’m not sure. …

“I think Garrard will be the starter, but if Gabbert looks good he can keep putting heat on him.””

Shane Clemons

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