Oehser Highlights Position Battles

John Oehser brings us the Jaguars’ top 5 battles to watch this year in training camp.

“*Quarterback. As was the case when we talked about the top storylines, you can’t discuss position battles in the Jaguars’ 2011 training camp without discussing quarterback.

That’s what happens when you draft the position No. 10 overall.

Still, while the Jaguars selected Blaine Gabbert with the 10thselection in the 2011 NFL Draft – and while normally that would mean fierce competition for the starting quarterback position – Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith and Head Coach Jack Del Rio consistently have said veteran David Garrard will be the starter.

The skeptics may say that’s what Del Rio and Smith have to say, and there’s some truth to the skeptics’ thoughts in this case, but Garrard at this point seems almost certain to start the regular season. To expectGabbert to win the starting job with less than two months intense work with the coaching staff is expecting a bit much.”

Shane Clemons

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