Shahid Khan On The Jaguars Compared To The Rams

Here’s the original Q&A with John Oehser that contained the following remark about the Rams. Hat tip to SBNation for the find.

“Of course, the Rams experience was a good one. That was last year and that would have happened if Stan hadn’t exercised his right. That would be one example. The Rams experience – not the result, but the process – was a great experience, because you saw behind the curtain. This was a time they were in a flux. They had the first draft pick. So, you saw them dealing with the questions of, ‘Who should they draft? How much money?’ Just like when the Jaguars were making some changes last Tuesday, you’re not making them, but you’re privy to them. So, I saw how some of those decisions got made, so from my viewpoint that was a really, really good experience. It gave me a sense as to what I would do, and in all candor, I think the Jaguars are a far better organization. Compared to the Rams, it’s a far better organization. I think that’s important because there’s less you have to do.”

Shane Clemons

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