Shahid Khan quickly becoming the face — of the NFL?

Shahid_Khan_Forbes_CoverWhen Wayne Weaver announced that he had sold his franchise to Shahid Khan last year, no one knew what to expect from the new owner. After a quick Google search, most of us knew that Khan had moved to the United States from Pakistan as a teenager. We also found that he had built himself an auto parts empire from scratch.

The question remained; what kind of owner would Shahid Khan be?

Since purchasing the team, Shahid Khan has quickly become one of the most outspoken owners in the NFL, particularly in spreading the NFL’s brand world wide. The Jaguars are now slated to play a home game abroad in each of the 2013 through 2016 seasons.

Shahid Khan has put the Jaguars on the map as much as he’s worked to put the NFL on the global map.

In a recent Forbes article about the Jaguars still-new owner, Brian Soloman serves as the narrator for Khan’s journey from the automotive industry to being an NFL owner and what lies in the future for Khan, the Jaguars and the NFL.

“Instead of hurting Jacksonville, Khan believes, the Jaguars’ international presence will pull the city along with it by introducing it to potential tourists and businesspeople. “One of the first things I did earlier this year after getting the team, I was at a CEO’s office in Germany at an auto parts company,” Khan says. “And I had a Jaguars jersey for them with their name on the back. They were so excited, because they had just seen the Super Bowl. The only question they had was, Where’s Jacksonville?””

If Khan is half as successful with the Jaguars as he has been with Flex-N-Gate, the question, “Where’s Jacksonville?” will never be an issue again.

Shane Clemons

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