On Brunell, Flynn, and the tag-and-trade

The Packers may be looking to sell Matt Flynn’s services to some desperate team.

The Green Bay Packers are the team that wrote the book on the tage and trade. In a piece for TGS, Will Horton highlights some of the big deals that have made the tag-and-trade option legitimate for the trading team.

First off, for those of you that didn’t yet know, the Packers re-signed tight end Jermichael Finley to a two-year contract earlier in the day. No big deal right? Well, hold the phone.

The move, as accurately pointed out by virtually everyone covering the story, frees up the Packers’ franchise tag. He was the guy the Packers had expected to apply the franchise tag to. With him locked down, there’s a ton of speculation that the Packers will franchise backup quarterback Matt Flynn, and try to trade him away.

The Packers have traded away backup quarterbacks in the past, as I alluded to earlier. The Jaguars aquired Mark Brunell from the Packers back in 1995. The Seahawks did the same thing as the Jaguars, acquiring Matt Hasselbeck in 2001. This isn’t a new trick the Packers may attempt to pull.

Here’s my big issue with Matt Flynn. No one knows how good he really is. He had one unbelievable career day against the Lions, but beyond that, he’s a giant unknown. Why would a team gamble so much money (about $14 million) on a guy that’s seen the field so little?

One word; desperation.

There are teams out there that will do anything for a franchise quarterback. A team that comes to mind that may want to make an insane trade for an over-rated player is normal the Washington Redskins, but one fan reports that the Redskins aren’t interested in Flynn.

The other team that comes to mind when I think of insanity in the front office is the Miami Dolphins. The move would be very unpopular, because many fans seem intent on bringing in Peyton Manning.

In the end, I really have a hard time seeing the Packers applying the franchise tag to Flynn. It’s a big bill if there’s no one biting at the chance to sign him, and even if there is, there needs to be more than one team wanting him. Otherwise, that team will just wait for the Packers to release Flynn, and they would if no team shows interest, and the team interested would sign him for far cheaper out of free agency instead of dealing away picks to the Packers.

It seems like only a bone-headed team would actually consider dealing with the Packers for Flynn, but then again, maybe that’s what the Packers will bank on if they decide to apply the franchise tag to Flynn.

Shane Clemons

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