Out On A Positive Note

Maurice Jones-Drew giving the fans at Everbank Field some love before the long off-season begins.

Earlier today, the Jacksonville Jaguars wrapped up a disappointing season with a 19-13 win over the Indianapolis Colts, completing the season sweep. While the season never shaped up as the Jaguars had hoped, there’s a lot of positive aspects of the season that the Jaguars can look to build on as they move forward.

Blaine Gabbert didn’t show much development for much of the season, but over the past month and a half, he’s started looking more and more like a young franchise quarterback. I was guilty of jumping on him far too ealy, and he promptly made me look like a fool, but I prefer looking like a moron than looking like a genius in this case.

Maurice Jones-Drew wrapped up his best season to date, topping the Jaguars’ former single season rushing record with 1606 yards. MJD also won the rushing title this season, besting LeSean McCoy by 297 yards.

Josh Scobee has officially made the transition from an inconsistent power kicker to a power kicker with great accuracy. He’s proven this season that he’s well balanced and very reliable with a huge leg. While having a great kicker won’t win you a Super Bowl, it will certainly help, especially in tight games late in the season.

Mel Tucker got as much out of the Jaguars as physically possible, going 2-3 in his 5 games as interim coach. There’s guys out there that I’d rather have as the Jaguars head coach, but I don’t want to understate how impressed I was with Tucker. He deserves a strong look as a candidate for the Jaguars head coaching position, and I think he showed Shahid Khan just how good of a coach he really is.

As we look forward to the off-season, we need to realize that the Jaguars are still a very young, developing team. Yes, they took a step back this season, but now the path seems clear for the Jaguars to continue to ascend as an up and coming team. There’s holes to be fixed, but they aren’t as gaping as they once were. The way I see it, the Jaguars just need a couple wide receivers, better depth on their offensive line, and to get healthy. If they can accomplish that this off-season, there’s no reason for the Jaguars not to be in the hunt for a playoff birth next season.

Shane Clemons

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