Peyton Manning departs the AFC South

Michael Lombardi is reporting that Peyton Manning is currently finalizing a contract with the Denver Broncos, ending his 14 year run as the AFC South’s king. There’s a part of me that’s disappointed to see him leave, but another part of me is glad to see him gone.

For awhile, it appeared that Manning would simply make the transition to the Tennessee Titans and remain a pain in the Jaguars’ asses for a few years more, but that possibility is now put to bed with Manning signing with the Broncos.

Ultimately, the decision likely came down to the Broncos’ potential to win versus the Titans’ potential. The Broncos are ready to make a run; all they needed was a quarterback. With apologies to any Tim Tebow fans reading this, he’s not a good option as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

I would like to wish Peyton Manning the best of luck in Denver. I’d love to see him get another ring there so long as it’s not at the Jaguars’ expense. From one fan of the game, thank you Peyton. It was a fun rivalry while it lasted.

Shane Clemons

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