Putting David Garrard unrest to bed

Can we please let David Garrard pursue another opportunity in peace?

It’s a calm offseason Saturday, so I’m going to dig deep in the bag of topics and put former Jaguars quarterback, David Garrard out of sight and out of mind. Frankly, he deserves it and so do we.

David Garrard was the Jaguars’ starting quarterback from the 2007 season through the 2010 season. In that time, he took the Jaguars to the playoffs, kept an under-talented team in playoff contention into December in 2009, and nearly led the Jaguars to a division title in 2010 with next to no defensive help whatsoever. Come on guys. Let’s give him a break.

This topic was brought to the forefront of my mind because I just left Big Cat Country, where there is an article by Alfie Crow highlighting the fact that Garrard is looking forward to free agency, it’s an exciting time in his career, etc. No problem there. My problem is with the perception that David Garrard can’t play, which is exhibited in one or two of the comments on the article.

Garrard can play. One of the easiest ways to look at a quarterback is to look at his touchdown to interception ratio. Garrard has thrown 89 touchdowns to 54 interceptions over the course of his career completing 61.6% of his passes. No, those aren’t out of this world numbers, but they’re solid at worst. The idea that Garrard can’t play is ridiculous.

In 2010, his last season with the Jaguars, Garrard threw 23 touchdowns to 15 interceptions completing 64.5% of his passes. To top that off, most of his interceptions came in a few very poor performances. He threw multiple interceptions in three games during the 2010 season. If we subtract those games (I know, you can’t arbitrarily ignore games, blah, blah, blah…), he would have thrown 19 touchdowns to just 6 interceptions. That looks like a quarterback that can play in the NFL.

I’m glad Garrard is trying to stay in the NFL, and I really hope he goes somewhere that he can start. Providing that he’s back to 100%, he can still make a very positive impact for his team, especially if all the pressure isn’t on the offense to score every possession. Good luck to David Garrard, and I wish him nothing but success in the future.

Shane Clemons

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