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Ranking NFL uniforms from worst to first

With the switch to Nike this offseason, NFL uniforms got an update (especially the Seahawks). That combined with this Sunday's re-introduction of the Jaguars' all-black uniforms provides us with a perfect opportunity to rank all the uniforms in the NFL from worst to first.

32) Cleveland Browns: When designing something, really anything, who decides to go with brown and orange? This uniform has always been ugly. The Browns do get credit for sticking with it though.

31) Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks were the only NFL team to get a major update when the NFL switched to Nike. While I don't mind their away jerseys, their home uniforms are awful. I never thought I'd like the seaweed green over anything, but even that would be an improvement.

30) Cincinnati Bengals: It's always hard to make stripes work, and the Bengals fail to pull them off. In my mind, there's just too much going on here.

29) Tennessee Titans: The Titans' logo is unattractive, and their colors is blue on blue. It's just ugly.

28) New Orleans Saints: Call me crazy, but the Saints' uniforms are just boring. Black and gold works well together, but you have to do something with it first.

27) New York Jets: Green and white isn't a terrible combination, but the big logo on their helmets lacks creativity. Frankly, the old logo looked ten times better. Shame on the Jets for changing it.

26) Minnesota Vikings: It's not that the look is hideous overall; my problem is that their primary color is purple. Case in point, purple isn't exactly a fear inspiring color.

25) Kansas City Chiefs: Red, white and gold just doesn't work for me. To top that off, the uniforms are very plain.

24) Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles' logo is the only thing keeping them out of the 30s on this list. Their shade of green is a very dull, forest color, and it screams snooze fest.

23) Green Bay Packers: It's a classic, but that doesn't make it eye candy. The Packers sport one of the rare looks in sports that's not particularly pleasing, but everyone would riot if they changed it (including me).

22) Dallas Cowboys: Like the Packers' uniforms, the Cowboys' uniform will probably never change much. Still, it's a boring look.

21) Houston Texans: The Texans' look isn't terrible, but it could be improved. Being such a young team, expect their look to evolve as the years go by.

20) Indianapolis Colts: The Colts have a very clean look, but as with many of the teams in the bottom half of this list, their uniform lacks any inspiring aspect. It's clean, but that's all you can really say about it.

19) Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins have a very southern Florida look about them. The whole uniform works well together, but it doesn't jump out as a classic look. Still, it's solid.

18) Oakland Raiders: The Raiders' silver and black is a very unique look. Their logo is ugly in my book, but I think that's what they were going for anyway.

17) Arizona Cardinals: The new-era uniform looks great, but the helmet falls flat, despite a great looking logo. If they can jazz up the helmet a little, this uniform would shoot up this list.

16) Carolina Panthers: The Panthers fall in the middle because on some days I love their look, and on other days, I hate it.

15) Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars' current uniform is solid, but it was definitely a step back from the prior iteration. Had the Jaguars only tweaked their original uniform design, they'd be in the top five, easily.

14) San Diego Chargers: So long as we're talking about their powder blue uniforms, it works. Anything outside of those are crap.

13) Denver Broncos: The Broncos' look is sleek, and it was a big improvement over their old style uniforms over a decade ago, but it may be time to tweak it a little bit.

12) Detroit Lions: The Lions' new logo makes this uniform work. It's clean, but not boring. Big props to the Lions for getting away from the Matt Millen era black jerseys.

11) St. Louis Rams: The Rams current look is great. The second greatest thing this franchise ever did was going from bright yellow to gold; the best thing being winning a Super Bowl.

10) New York Giants: The Giants break into the top ten in our uniform countdown by staying consistent with a very recognizable look. They seem to beat the Jets in everything, including style.

9) Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens make purple work with a great infusion of black. The Vikings could learn something from the Ravens.

8) San Francisco 49ers: Now that the 49ers are back to being a dominant team in the league, it's only fair to recognize that they've looked the part all along.

7) Washington Redskins: The Redskins uniform works great. My only complaint is that the arrow logo looks far better. Still, it's one of the best looks in football.

6) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Since the creamsicle era, the Buccaneers have been a much improved team, including how they appear on Sundays.

5) Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons are a great team with a great, new era look. They're uniforms are sleek, complex, and still clean. Really, it's one of the best new looks in all of sports.

4) Chicago Bears: For some reason, it just works. Some may call the Bears' look dull, but I find it simple and refined.

3) New England Patriots: The Patriots' uniform is the best example of a modern classic in the NFL today. The two teams outranking them on this list both utilize classic looks. The Patriots should keep their current look for years to come.

2) Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers have one of the most steady, iconic uniforms in the league, and they've been smart enough to leave it alone.

1) Buffalo Bills: The best uniform in the NFL is the Bills' current iteration of their uniforms. Their newer era logo works great with their white helmets. The team may be mediocre at best, but they're mediocre in style.

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