Ravens 13, Jaguars 3 at halftime; quick thoughts

The Jaguars struggled to stop the Ravens’ offense in the first half, and the result is a 13-3 deficit. Blaine Gabbert is 8 of 14 for 83 yards. Rashad Jennings has 57 rushing yards on 13 carries, and Justin Blackmon has 72 receiving yards on 4 receptions. Here’s some quick thoughts:

  • Blaine Gabbert is hitting too many short checkdowns for little to no gain. It seems like the ball is coming out before it needs to at times.
  • Rashad Jennings has looked good on most plays that aren’t blown up behind the line. He’s still giving the Jaguars leverage in the MJD saga.
  • Justin Blackmon has excellent hands, and he’s clearly Blaine Gabbert’s favorite target at the moment. He’s accounted for all but 11 of Gabbert’s passing yards.
  • The defense is getting hammered by Joe Flacco and crew.
  • Torrey Smith is dangerous.

That’s all folks. Back to the game.

Shane Clemons

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