Season wrap

Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve dropped in here, but here I am. Frankly, today is an oddly depressing day. Football is over, yet there’s contradictions in east-central Indiana (*that’s where I live*). First of all, the weather is ridiculously good for early February in Indiana. Right now, it’s 45 degrees and sunny at a time of the year that normally produces 20 degree highs with snow and ice. Strange.

In Jacksonville, that feeling is especially strange. Once again, the season has closed with no peep from the Jaguars in the post-season. Yeah, that’s a depressing thought, but the Jaguars also have a new sense of optimism moving forward.

That sense of optimism has multiple sources. For one, Gene Smith was re-signed before the end of the Weaver era. Many, myself included, think the move came at an odd time, but he’s since received the blessing of the Jaguars’ new owner, Shahid Khan, so all is good on that front.

Shahid Khan himself has been nothing short of inspiring. In speaking with the media, Khan is very straightforward and to the point. He’s not prone to bouncing around topics, and his commitment to Jacksonville seems completely sincere. In fact, you could argue that he’s already working for the city of Jacksonville as much as he is for the Jaguars.

Mike Mularkey brings a fresh perspective to the Jaguars’ coaching staff. I loved the hire from day one, and I’m loving the coaching staff he’s put together.

The retention of Mel Tucker is the final great piece of work the Jaguars have done with their coaching staff. Let’s be honest, he’s almost universally loved by Jaguars fans. Yeah, it’s likely that his time with the Jaguars will be short-lived (I expect him to be an HC somewhere soon), but I’m just thrilled that he gets to spend at least one more season with the Jags.

It’s been a long season, but as they say, the night is darkest just before the dawn. Let’s hope that’s true.

Shane Clemons

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