Shahid Khan stands to gain big from purchase of Jaguars

Forbes recently ranked the 50 most valuable sports franchises in the world, and the Jacksonville Jaguars fell 47th on the list, but the team ranked dead last (32nd) in the NFL. Forbes estimated that the team is currently worth $725 million. Even though Shahid Khan paid $760 million for the team when he purchased the franchise in January, he still stands to gain big from the acquisition.

All NFL teams are not created equal, but Shahid Khan got himself a deal when he purchased a coveted franchise for only $760 million, even if the team is currently valued at just $725 million. The NFL is still a growing brand, and it’s hard to imagine any NFL teams dropping in value. While the Jaguars are a small market team, Northern Florida is a very attractive place to grow a brand, and it’s a fact that Khan hopes to exploit in the coming years.

The first step for Khan is to field a winning football team. The Jaguars have won just one playoff game over the past decade and appeared in just three. The Jaguars need to become a fixture in the postseason to gain national (and dare I say international?) recognition. The Cowboys are not the highest valued team in the NFL because they sell out their stadium every game. That’s certainly a big part of it, but they top the rest of the league because they have a brand that’s recognized around the world, and that’s a point of emphasis for Khan as he begins to grow the Jaguars’ brand.

Shahid Khan may have overpaid to purchase the Jacksonville Jaguars, but it’s still a safe investment. Khan isn’t new to business, and he knows how to build a brand with instant national recognition. Right now, the Jaguars are the lowest valued franchise in the NFL, but give Khan ten years with the team, and the Jaguars may rank much, much higher on the list.

Shane Clemons

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