Shameless self-promotion

*angrily jumps on soapbox*

Since you’re here, I’ll go ahead and assume that you like the site. If you don’t like the site, that’s ok. Rest assured, I’ll still sleep great tonight if you leave and never come back.

What keeps me up at night is the number “41.” That’s how many “likes” The Jaggernaut has on Facebook. That number has been the same for a few days, and that needs to change.

So, you can simply hit the “like” button at the top of the left sidebar or go to the Jaggernaut Facebook page here.

We’re also barely over the 200 follower mark on Twitter. That’s another annoyingly low number. If you like sarcastic comments about almost anything, follow me on Twitter @smaclemons.

That is all.

*falls backwards off soapbox*

Shane Clemons

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Shane Clemons came from humble beginnings creating his own Jaguars blog before moving on to SBNation as a featured writer for the Jaguars. He then moved to Bloguin where he briefly covered the AFC South before taking over Bloguin's Jaguars blog. Since the inception of This Given Sunday, Shane has served as an editor for the site, doing his best not to mess up a good thing.