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The Jacksonville Jaguars battle the Tennessee Titans in season finale

The Jaguars (2-13) will play their final regular season game against the Titans (5-10) in Nashville on Sunday. This game will unfortunately be devoid of meaning and purpose when considering playoff contention. The only importance this game has for the two bland, uninspiring and vanilla (not even French vanilla but pure, vanilla-y, vanilla) teams taking the field is draft positioning.

The Jaguars can earn the first overall pick in the 2013 draft with a little help from the Kansas City Chiefs and/or the Denver Broncos (someone call former head coach Jack Del Rio and tell him to throw the Jaguars a bone by giving his defense a week off). Now, I’m not saying the Jaguars should throw the game in any form or fashion, but it is always nice to have a little assistance from outside sources. I’ll be honest in saying that I don’t really care what pick the Titans end up with. I actually hope they get all of their picks revoked for something stupid and illogical.

But focusing back on realistic matters, the Jaguars are hoping to erase the stinky funk that is dwelling down at EverBank Field. This game means that the cleansing process has the potential to begin. Hopefully, all individuals involved with the organization will use a lot of elbow grease to start neutralizing that putrid odor. With all of that being said, here are the things I will be looking for from the Jaguars this weekend.

Limit the stupid mistakes: The season has been plagued with a bevy of dumb moments for the Jaguars, to the point where “#becausejaguars” has become the innate explanation of all things confusing concerning the team on twitter.

Dominating Defense: The Titans’ offense is barely on the cusp of being an average offense, and that is being generous. I would like to see some of the defense’s momentum carry over from the Patriots’ game.

Run, Montell Run: Owens has stepped into the starting running back role and played pretty well. I would like to see him keep it up for the last week of the season.

Tears of Joy: Whether they win or lose, this debacle of a season will be over. Hopefully the dark days will be over as well. Whatever the case, this guy will be shedding happy tears for the potential demolition that is to come within the franchise.

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