Jaguars on HBO’s “Hard Knocks?”


HBO’s Hard Knocks is a documentary series that has aired sporatically since 2001, following around an NFL team during training camp and the preseason. Since it’s inception over a decade ago, the series has featured the Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, and the Dallas Cowboys on two seperate occasions (2002 and 2008). The Jacksonville Jaguars were featured in a similar type of program in 2004, known as Inside Training Camp: Jaguars Summer, where storylines included Jack Del Rio’s second season as the head coach, and the release of free agent bust Hugh Douglas. HBO didn’t air Hard Knocks in 2011, as no team was willing to committ, due to the uncertainty of the NFL lockout last year.

The last team to be involved with the show was the New York Jets in 2011, which gave fans an inside look at Darelle Revis’ contract holdout, the progression of quarterback Mark Sanchez, and the antics of head coach Rex Ryan. The brash personality and style of the New York Jets as of late would make it seem like a perfect fit for the Jets to appear on the hit HBO program again in 2012.

Not so fast.

According to a report from Adam Schein of FOX Sports, while New York Jets team owner Woody Johnson would love for the franchise to make a second appearance on the show, head coach Rex Ryan does not, wanting to leave the circus-type atmosphere in the past. The report also states that the Denver Broncos were approached about doing the show, but immediately declined. So where does that leave HBO?

Apparently, the Jacksonville Jaguars have informed the network that they would love to do the show this upcoming summer.  Whether or not HBO would want to do the show on the Jaguars remains to be seen, but if it did come to fruition, it could be a great deal for the Jaguars. Some might be against it, wanting to avoid a “circus.” We need to look at the bigger picture though. This could be great for the franchise. With the new owner in Shahid Khan, there has been a buzz about this team this offseason like we haven’t seen in several years. The franchise needs to capitalize on it, and by garnering more attention, it could benefit the franchise as a whole.

If the team appeared on Hard Knocks this summer, there certainly wouldn’t be a shortage of storylines. With Shahid Khan now running the show, there’s a new head coach in former Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey. There’s also the incident that took place with Terrance Knighton this past weekend, where he suffered a serious injury. Following a scrutinized and rough rookie season, how will second year quarterback Blaine Gabbert bounce back? This is just to name a few (of many), and just because they’re not one of the premier franchises in the NFL right now, doesn’t mean that it couldn’t make for an entertaining season for HBO and for the viewers.

This could be great for the franchise, if it happens.