Up in smoke

Former Alabama cornerback and potential top 10 pick in the next NFL draft Dre Kirkpatrick was arrested for marijuana possession in Florida today.  Dre was rumored to be high on the Jaguars list of players to pick with the 7th overall selection in the draft.  Instead, he just got high.  He will undoubtedly NOT be remotely considered by GM Gene with the Jaguars first round pick anymore.  The Manatee county sheriff’s office says he was busted with less that 20 grams of mariuana just after midnight.  He was released on $120 bail.  it is thought that he was in the area to train for the upcoming draft at the IGM Performance Institute located in Bradenton, Florida.

This will obviously cause his draft stock to fall.  This means the Jaguars will look at other players with their first round pick.  South Carolina’s WR Alshon Jeffery could now become the leading candidate for the 7th pick in the draft.  we all know that GM gene wants players with good character and no history of drugs our other potential problems.  I think it is safe to say that Dre Kirkpatrick is officially off the Jaguars draft board.  I just can’t see Gene, Khan & Mularkey selecting him based on this.  What a waste.  He has true talent to be a top CB in the NFL, but he’d rather throw it all away to get high.  All that work, all that time & all that talent has just gone up in smoke.  I know some team will still draft him, but it is a shame that it won’t be the Jags.  He just threw away a chance to be a top 10 pick and millions of dollars.  It boggles the mind how stupid some people can be.