Wide receiver as a premium position

Mike Thomas was the Jaguars best WR in 2011, catching just 44 passes and only 1 TD.

For years, Jaguars fans were told that wide receiver is not a premium position by former senior writer at Jaguars.com, Vic Ketchman. He was wrong, and I believed it.

With apologies to Ketchman, who I still enjoy reading from time to time, he was off base on his take in regards to wide receivers. At one time, wide receivers may have been a dime a dozen, but that time has passed us by. The passing attack is central to winning games in today’s NFL and skilled wide receivers are essential to throwing the ball.

If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone who has followed the Jaguars over the past few years. Last year was the best example of the effect that a lack of receivers has on an offense. Blaine Gabbert was a rookie, and frankly, he needed all the help he could get, but his best target, Marcedes Lewis, had an uncharacteristically poor season. On top of that, Lewis is a tight end. The Jaguars biggest passing threat wasn’t even a wide receiver.

If WR wasn’t a premium position, it wouldn’t have handicapped the Jaguars in such an extreme manner in 2011. Yes, you can get by with decent receivers for the most part, but teams with great receivers terrify defensive coaches, and it’s something that has been lacking in Jacksonville for a long time now.

The Jaguars are an all around good football team with a couple problems, and one massive hole in their roster. They need receivers to actually catch passes. Wide open targets make the quarterback’s job a lot easier, and it alleviates pressure that has been placed on Maurice Jones-Drew and the Jaguars’ running game.

Regardless of whether you believe the wide receiver position is what we call a “premium position,” the Jaguars have a deficiency at that spot that is killing their offense. It needs fixed for the Jaguars to continue to improve. One thing is certain, the Jaguars have a premium problem that needs to be addressed soon.

Shane Clemons

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