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AFC South divisional outlook, with an astrological twist

The 2013-14 NFL football season has just begun. This is the point where we tend to be on-boarded with excessive gridiron banter, hometown trash talk, baskets of buffalo wings, pitchers of cold beer and Sunday afternoon worship sessions dedicated to our favorite teams.

Though the first two weeks have been anything but spectacular for the Jaguars, there is still plenty to be proven in the stacked AFC South Division. With a young team and a frothing city on its back, Jacksonville has set big expectations for the season.  Although it can be hard to predict the outcome of any one football game, by taking a look at the AFC South, we can figure out how the Jaguars stack up against their divisional counterparts. With a bit of faith and a whole lot of astrological assistance we are going to map out the future of AFC’s South Division and the teams thrown into the thick of battle.

Overall Outlook for the Jaguars

From the looks of it, the division battles look to be anything but promising for the Jacksonville Jaguars. They face some stiff competition within their division and the signs, omens, and stars seem to be aligned against the Jaguars at this juncture. However, there is certainly plenty of room for error. Some cosmic shake-ups may be around for the bend for teams with Virgo, Libra and Leo in late November with the arrival of the ISON comet that will cut a path affecting signs in this rotation. With prominent Virgos on their roster, this may bode ill for the Colts and Titans and give the Jaguars the intangible edge they may need to come from behind. Only time and this major astronomical/astrological event later this year will tell.

That is the glory of professional sports; you never really know what is going to happen until the whistle is blown and the pigskin touches the grass. Keep your eyes on field and on the stars because astrology is far more reliable than you think.

Houston Texans

Coming off one of their most successful seasons to date, the Houston Texans have come out of the gate with guns blazing. Stacked with a powerful offense and youthful, agile defense this team will be hard to beat. Led by Cancer QB Matt Shaub, it looks as though his confidence is blooming. In many cases, Cancers have a hard time being independent, but thus far Shaub has stepped up and answered to the call for his offense. Although they are commonly referred to as calm and collected. Cancers are ruled by the moon and can be irrational at times, which is a worry for the Texans’ offense. Backed by Pro-Bowlers Andre Johnson and Arian Foster, it looks like the Jaguars are going to have to rattle Shaub’s cage pretty hard to upset the future of this lop-sided battle.

Tennessee Titans

2012-13 was anything but successful season for the Titans. And from the looks of things this season, the Jaguars have the upper hand in this match-up.  Although their offensive attack is lackluster, the Titans are led by the lightning fast Chris Johnson, whose perfectionist Virgo attitude allows him to analyze the defense and make precise moves where many running backs would falter.  Virgos offer intense bursts of energy, which is clearly shown through the Titans offensive attacks and half-back options.  Johnson may be the Titans only threat, but matching him up against the Jaguars’ dynamic middle Line Backer Paul Posluzsny will make for a long day on the gridiron. Posluzsny demonstrates the exceptionally observant side of Scorpio, allowing him to assess audibles in the offense and track Chris Johnsons every move. The Jaguars will take this battle, but not in simple fashion.

Indianapolis Colts

They shocked the league last year, and they will set out this year to do more of the same. After the departure of Peyton Manning, many Colts fans lost hope. It seem as though young Virgo Quarterback Andrew Luck has taken the reigns as official of the Indianapolis offensive attack. His accurate passing ability and intellectual knowledge of the field presents a heavily uneven match-up for the Jacksonville defense. Accompanied by veteran Scorpio receiver Reggie Wayne, the flourishing relationship between the two seems to be hinting at success. Wayne’s resourceful Scorpio nature position provides Luck with a plethora of offensive options.

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