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Fantasy Football: Managing Your Team to a Championship



Once considered an exercise reserved for “geeks” NFL Fantasy Football has exploded in popularity over the past decade or so. Already wildly popular, due to the extraordinary number of betting options associated with it, the National Football League has surged to another level thanks to the broad range of fans that participate in fantasy football all over the world. Whether you play in a local pub league with friends, in one of the thousands of online drafts, or sit with the big boys in a Main Event Draft in Las Vegas, winning a fantasy league Championship requires proper preparation. Let’s have a look at some keys that will drive your squad to fantasy football success.

Draft Day Homework: Find and stick with trusted information websites

Although a Fantasy Football Championship can’t be won on Draft Day, how you prepare and then react at the draft table can certainly lead to a lost season. Giving yourself a shot at championship glory begins with doing you homework and planning a solid draft day strategy. With so many websites urging you to “click here” for fantasy information, building a solid stable of quality fantasy information websites is a key part of your draft day preparation. Sifting through the choices can be a daunting task but, once you have narrowed your options down to four or five reputable sites, doing your homework will be a breeze and help ensure proper draft day planning.

Fantasy Football information overload can lead to a draft day nightmare

Too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing and that’s certainly the case when it comes fantasy football information. Personally, I like to step away for the world of fantasy football for a little while once a season ends. While the Internet keeps the NFL and fantasy football in focus 365 days a year, intense studying in March – for a draft that will go off in September, isn’t something we  recommended. That said, keeping tabs on the NFL headlines during the off-season is a must when it comes to fantasy success. However, the heavy homework workload should be left until NFL training camps open – that’s when putting your nose to the grindstone begins.

Understand your league rules while planning your draft day strategy

While draft day strategies vary depending on the league you play in, understanding your league rules, before you sit down at the draft table, is integral to fantasy success. Whether you play in a standard league, a “points per reception” format, a keeper league, or a league that uses an auction format, you must be 100% clear on the scoring system and roster limits associated with your fantasy league. For instance, running backs like Darren Sproles or Reggie Bush are solid early round choices in PPR leagues but their value, and the position they should be selected at, drops when it comes to leagues that employ a standard scoring system. Know the rules!

As is the case with fantasy football, wagering on the NFL requires a solid game plan as well. StatsGuru, who furnished us with this fantasy football advice, is an seasoned sports handicapper. For addition fantasy sports or betting information, you can visit Stats and the rest of the Crew at the Sportsbook Bonus website by clicking here. Wishing everyone continued Fantasy Football success!

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