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Jaguars could be eyeing Louisiana Tech’s Colby Cameron

With just under two months until draft day, it's still too early to begin considering exactly where specific players will fall, but it's never too early to consider which players a specific team may have their eyes on. With Alex Smith heading to Kansas City, the Jaguars will likely have a shot to draft quarterback Geno Smith if they want him, but I don't see that happening. With such a high draft pick, David Caldwell will likely be looking to add a player at a dire position such as the defensive line.

David Caldwell and the Jaguars have been supportive of Blaine Gabbert. According to the team, Gabbert will be given the opportunity to win the Jaguars' starting position in an open quarterback competition, but that also means Chad Henne and anyone else the Jaguars bring in will be in the running for the spot.

Because of the line the Jaguars have taken with Gabbert, I find it hard to believe the Jaguars would spend their first round pick on a quarterback. There's a possibility the Jaguars could move down and pick a quarterback, but I think it's more likely that they add a quarterback in the middle of the draft.

That's where Louisiana Tech's Colby Cameron comes in. Cameron has a big arm, but he's been known to be inaccurate at times. That shouldn't stop the Jaguars from taking a shot on a guy that would represent a low up front cost with the potential to be a big payoff. At worst, he would be developed into a solid backup for the team that would stabilize the postilion beyond Chad Henne.

It's hard to tell where Cameron might fall, especially following a solid Combine performance, but the Jaguars will be looking for value when they add a quarterback this offseason, and that's what Cameron represents. There's no guarantee he would start, or even give Gabbert and Henne a run for their money for that matter, but he would certainly add stability at the quarterback position, and that's something the Jaguars need.

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