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Jaguars July update

It's been over a month since I dropped some thoughts about the Jaguars. Now that the first round of preseason games and training camp are right around the corner, here's some things I'm looking for once real football gets going.

Maurice Jones-Drew is good to go) With no charges stemming from Jones-Drew's altercation with security at a restaurant, Jones-Drew should have no outstanding distractions. He's the Jaguars' best player, and he should be able to help out his offense a great deal.

A last go of it for Blaine Gabbert) In his third year, there's no more excuses for Blaine Gabbert. If he flops now, the best he'll be able to hope for is a backup job elsewhere. He has a great running back, solid receivers and a much improved offensive line to work with. Again, no more excuses.

Jaguars to bring a unique defense) Part of the logic behind hiring Gus Bradley was that he'd help the Jaguars on defense. Last year, the unit was torn to pieces. This time around, we should be able to look forward to better, more disciplined play as well as confusing looks that should put defenders in a position to make plays.

At the beginning of the season, there's always a great sense of optimism. Still, Jacksonville fans have more hope than they've had in recent years. While the roster still has holes, there's more talent on the Jaguars' roster this year than last year. The offense has a chance to succeed, and the defense should be playing faster and smarter than ever.

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