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Jaguars offseason update

It's been an eventful offseason for the Jacksonville Jaguars. New general manager, new coach, new attitude, oh, and there's a new offensive tackle to protect the quarterback. Still, the big news this week has been Maurice Jones-Drew's alleged batter of a security guard a at a restaurant. Here's some quick thought-drop style points for our offseason update.

 – The Jaguars are on the rise, slowly. David Caldwell had a solid draft, and the coaches appear to be of very high energy, something that didn't seem true of Mularkey's staff at times.

 – Tim Tebow still isn't playing football for the Jaguars, and that's a good thing.

– The allegations against Maurice Jones-Drew are sketchy. The security guard's lawyer claimed the alleged punch was unprovoked, but how often do you punch someone you don't know for no reason?

– The Jaguars still don't have a quarterback that screams "franchise leader." At this point, the team would settle for a guy that can complete passes and move the ball. This will be Blaine Gabbert's last shot with the Jaguars, and there's still the possibility that David Caldwell will sign someone else to compete.

– Jacksonville isn't the best place for JaMarcus Russell to land, but it's one of the few places that he would compete for a starting job right off the bat. That might be an enticing circumstance. No word yet if the Jaguars have any interest in him at all.

Updates should be getting more and more frequent as we make our way through the offseason, especially with big news items. In the meantime, stay classy.

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