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Jaguars president Mark Lamping says blackouts aren’t relevant

For years, the Jaguars have been synonymous with blackout talk whenever the subject of a team moving to Los Angeles came up. While it's always been apparent to those with some level of insight that the Jaguars wouldn't be moving anytime in the near future, that hasn't stopped most media outlets from citing the Jaguars as the team most likely to move to California.

According to team president Mark Lamping, the issue of blackouts is like talking about the possibility of a dragon disrupting a game. It's not even relevant.

"I sort of throw that into the same basket that I threw blackouts in earlier this year," Lamping said in a Q&A with senior writer John Oehser. "Why is everybody talking about blackouts? People talk about blackouts because people bring them up. The reality is we’re not going to talk about blackouts anymore because they’re not relevant in this market. The good news is there haven’t been a lot of questions about blackouts lately. As far as the location of the franchise, there is not one thing that is happening locally – not one thing Shad Khan has done – that suggests anything other than we’re doing everything to make us stronger here in Jacksonville."

To say that Lamping and owner Shahid Khan have done a great job marketing the team would be an understatement. As Lamping said, everything the team does seems to be in an effort to better their current position in Jacksonville, not to position the team for a potential move. Lamping is simply saying what I've believed for about a year and a half. Blackout talk and relocation talk is irrelevant, and that's the message that the Jaguars are exhibiting.

Shane Clemons

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