Jaguars’ schedule and prediction

Yesterday, the NFL released its 2013 season schedule. As expected, the Jaguars snagged just one prime time game, a Thursday night match-up at Everbank Field against the Texans on December 5th. If the Jaguars get a little bit of luck and play well, that game could have some meaning.

The Jaguars are a team in rebuild mode. There's no way around that. Still, that doesn't mean they can't make some waves. Last season was the franchise's worst in its short history, and the only direction is up. The question is, how far forward will this team move?

Looking at the Jaguars schedule, and you can see their whole schedule here, there are a number of games that the Jaguars should be able to compete in. The week one and two match-ups against the Chiefs and the Raiders respectively give the Jaguars a good chance to get off to a quick start. The yearly series between the Titans could pay dividends, as well as the Jaguars' games against the Browns, Bills and Cardinals. Those are six extremely winnable games.

Still, the Jaguars get their fair share of tough opponents as well. Playing the Texans twice is rough, and the Broncos may be the best overall team in the league. The 49ers are just coming off of a Super Bowl run that ended in disappointment, and the Seahawks are a popular pick to make a deep run this season. In all those games, it's tough to see the Jaguars pull one out.

My overall prediction is thus; the Jaguars should be about a 6-10 team. There are games on the schedule they'll be lucky to keep close, and there's a number of very winnable games. In the middle, there's games that should be close, and they should be able to win one or two of those. The Jaguars' best case scenario is finishing 10-6. To do that, they'd need to beat the Colts twice and the Titans twice, as well as win another game against a middle of the road opponent. The worst case scenario is much worse, about 2-14. If Gus Bradley isn't the right guy for the job, that's a possibility too.

Shane Clemons

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