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Season wrap: not a fun year for the Jaguars

It's taken me too long to get motivated enough to type something up to wrap up this season. It just hasn't been fun. All the optimism surrounding this team just evaporated at the beginning of the regular season and a poor football team, and that's being nice, was all that was left.

The biggest story of the year was without a doubt Blaine Gabbert's lack of development. The hope was that he would progress as an NFL passer, and he looked pretty good at times during the preseason, but it didn't transfer to the regular season. He might survive the offseason, but it's unlikely he'll win back the starting job.

Blaine Gabbert's replacement, Chad Henne, at least resembled an NFL quarterback. True, the switch didn't lead to a string of wins, but the Jaguars looked better with Henne at quarterback.

The Jaguars' defense was back to its awful self, giving away points like candy on Halloween, but it wasn't always their fault either. They were being asked to hold opponents below 20 points to give their team a chance to win games, and that's just not reasonable. They didn't play well, but they weren't the biggest reason the Jaguars finished 2-14 this season.

Looking forward, the Jaguars will bring in a new general manager, and they'll likely part ways with Mike Mularkey. Owner Shahid Khan needs to finish his GM search as quickly as possible, because if the Jaguars have to begin a search for a new head coach, some of their candidates may already be committed elsewhere.

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