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‘The Football Fan’s Guide to Whining, Bellyaching and General Discontent’ available at Amazon

I've always wanted to be a book writer, ever since I can remember, but the editorial process of publishing a real book has always prevented me from seriously pursuing that goal.

With the advent of ebooks, that editorial process has been given to the writers themselves, allowing me to actually pursue my goal of publishing books.

"The Football Fan's Guide to Whining, Bellyaching and General Discontent is my first crack at writing a real book. Although it's very short by book standards, less than fifty pages, it guides football fans through all the finer points of complaining in a comical, tongue-in-cheek way.

The book is available for one low payment of $2.99 through Amazon. Prime members may borrow the book for free using their Kindle.

As with all shameless self-promotions, any tweets and/or Facebook postings about the book are much appreciated. While this book is aimed at football in general, it is best applied to the NFL, and as a Jaguars fan, it really hits home with all the complaints that we, as a fan base, have had to put up with over the past several years.

Buy the book, and enjoy it. It was fun to write and should be a fun, quick read too.

Shane Clemons

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