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The Jaguars turn in a bad performance in their preseason opener

I didn’t really want to have to write this tonight, mainly because I haven’t looked at the final stats of Friday’s game, but then again, I don’t really need to see the stats to make a few observations. Forgive me if it sounds like I’m writing from a year ago.

My number one complaint with the starting offense is that it looked incompetent more often than not. Blaine Gabbert was bad. He didn’t throw the ball down field, and it appeared that he had a tough time completing even short passes. Yes, the Jaguars’ best receivers were absent, but that’s no excuse in a year where the catch phrase seems to be, “no more excuses.”

Chad Henne wasn’t a lot better, although I did feel like the offense functioned in a less atrocious manner with Henne under center. It appeared that Henne was more willing to take shots down field, even though they didn’t connect.

On defense, the Jaguars couldn’t have asked for a better start. They played quick up front, and the coverage was holding up. Still, they allowed the Dolphins to move the ball after the first quarter, but it’s something to build off of anyway.

I do want to mention the kick returns by the Jaguars, specifically the punt returns. Outside of muffs, the Jaguars look like they may have a few very electric players on their team, and I can’t help but think they may be scoring some special teams touchdowns this season. Hey, anything helps, right?

Even with some positive notes, the Jaguars looked like a bad football team. The quarterback position remains a major problem, and unless it was a fluke, Blaine Gabbert doesn’t look any different than he did last night.

After the end of the first quarter, my brother sent me the following text. “So gabberts stats look like… Gabbert lol [sic]” Unfortunately, that pretty much sums it up.

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