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Tim Tebow not heading to Jacksonville according GM Caldwell

Big news has been pouring out of Jacksonville in recent days. First, David Caldwell officially became the Jaguars' new general manager, then Mike Mularkey was officially dismissed from the team, and now Caldwell is taking on "Tim Tebow to Jacksonville" rumors in a great way.

"I can't imagine a scenario where he [Tim Tebow] would be a Jacksonville Jaguar," Caldwell said in his introductory press conference today.

And with that one sentence, David Caldwell said a number of different things about the way the Jaguars will be run moving forward. First and foremost, Caldwell isn't simply a yes man. Shahid Khan has shown great interest in Tim Tebow since becoming the Jaguars owner, even prompting former GM Gene Smith to make a run at trading for Tebow last offseason, but Khan won't be telling Caldwell what to do in regards to the Jaguars roster.

Also, it's apparent that Khan didn't force GM candidates to be in line with the idea of bringing Tebow to Jacksonville. There were various reports indicating that Tebow to Jacksonville was simply going to happen. Now those reports seem far from reality.

Finally, with Caldwell heading the team, the Jaguars can look forward to being a legitimate NFL team again. Caldwell wants to build an NFL roster that wins on the field, not one intended to sell a few (and I mean a very select few) extra tickets on game day.

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