Jaguars Win 2013

Jaguars given 150-1 odds to win Super Bowl XLIX

Well the odds for the 2015 Super Bowl are out, and it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that the Jacksonville Jaguars were given the worst chances of winning next year’s big game at 150-1. At 100-1, the Bills, Browns, Buccaneers, Raiders, Titans and Vikings are the teams with the second worst odds by William Hill U.S.

Still, any odds given at this point aren’t going to stay stagnant for long. For example, a top rated quarterback taken by the Jaguars may launch them into the next group of teams up the ladder. If, however, you’re planning on betting on the Jaguars down the road anyway, now may be the time to do it.

Once we get into the offseason, you’ll be able to find odds for the Jaguars at It’s especially helpful in the days following the draft, as that’ll be the event that will have the greatest bearing on the odds during the offseason.

We all know that the draft will change the odds of winning the Super Bowl for most teams. In addition to that, the coming loss of Maurice Jones-Drew could hurt the Jaguars’ chances as well as the potential loss of Justin Blackmon.

The good news for Jaguars fans ready to put their money where their mouth is revolves around the Jaguars’ foundation. For the first time in a long time, probably since 2003, the Jaguars have a regime in place that’s stable and able to build effectively. Gus Bradley’s job isn’t in question going into the 2014 season, and neither is David Caldwell’s job.

The Jaguars were one of the few teams that visibly improved throughout the 2013 season. In hindsight, the Jags never had a real chance to make a run into the postseason in 2013; there was just too much turnover between regimes. Going into 2014, there are some opportunities to be had, especially in the AFC South.

For odds makers to give the Jaguars a fighting chance that resembles our own observations, the Jaguars need to add a pass rush and a franchise quarterback. If they can do that, expect that 150-1 to drop down rather quickly.

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