Just Do It

The Jaguars need to do one thing in order to win their game against the Texans this Sunday.  Stop Arian Foster. It’s easier said than done, but the Jaguars must do it.  Whether he’s running off tackle, up the middle, catching screen passes or any time he attempts to roll out of the backfield to […]

Jags defense has teeth

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense dominated the Ravens Monday night on national TV.  They made the Ravens a one-dimensional team & then they took that dimension away as well.  They clipped the ravens wings to the tune of only 14 yards  & no 1st downs by halftime.  The Ravens were not able to sustain an offensive […]


Wasted Opportunities

The trade deadline is upon us & the Jaguars have again proven that they are too timid to made a move that could’ve improved their WR corps in a big way.  The Denver Broncos put WR Brandon Lloyd on the trade block and the Jaguars were affraid to trade ………..wait for it, a 6th round […]


Suck 4 Luck

The Jaguars are 1-4 and will most likely be 1-7 by their bye week.  It won’t get any better if they keep playing the way they have so far.  They will not beat the Steelers,the Ravens or the Texans playing this bad on offense.  I honestly don’t see them winning more than 2 more games […]


R.I.P. Original Gangster

The original O.G. of Oakland has died.  Al Davis passed away today, he was 82.  Al Davis was considered by many to be one of the most influential owners in the NFL.  Indeed, without his help the NFL would not be the NFL as we know it today.  He was the major reason that the […]

Captain Jack’s Crap Cake

DISCLAIMER:   First off, let me apologize to Shane Clemons for this article.  Sometimes I have a very sarcastic sense of humor.  And to those of you that have thin skin & no sense of humor….well, try to lighten up & laugh a little.  Sorry Shane-O, the Jaxson De Ville made me do it.   Jack […]


Hit the road Jack

Jack Del Rio is handcuffing this team & the results are pathetic.  Del Rio needs to go.  Once again he has cost the Jaguars a victory by playing so conservative that it literally makes fans sick to their stomachs to have to watch the players run the ball over & over again.  Even when they […]


Ultraconservative = Another loss

When it rains it pours.  The Jaguars dropped another game today.  The Jags had the lead going into halftime, but Del Rio once again went into ultraconservative mode, refusing to give Blaine Gabbert any real chance to open up the passing game.  The Jags ran the ball time and again, even when in 3rd & […]


Britton is back

The Jacksonville Jaguars will have Eben Britton back in the line-up for this Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers.  Eben has missed the first two games due to a back injury.  Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times Union reported that Britton will be back, but not as the starting RT.  Instead, he could be moved […]


Can the Jags stop Cam?

Yes and no.  They can stop him by keeping him on the sideline as much as possible, but he will still throw for alot of yards against the Jaguars defense.  He will make a few mistakes that hopefully the Jags can capitalize on.  He has no running game to help him out, unlike Gabbert.  The […]


All aboard the Blaine Train

The Blaine Train cometh.  The chosen one has arrived.  Get your ticket, get on board, find your seat & enjoy the ride.  A new era has begun.  There is no going back now.  Del Rio has made the decision we’ve all been waiting for.  Blaine Gabbert is now the starting QB for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  […]


Separation Anxiety

The Jacksonville Jaguars have not had a “BIG-TIME” WR since the great Jimmy smith retired.  They have not had a WR with his combination of speed, size and hands.  J-Smooth could get separation, use his body to block the defender, blow right by a defender or jump above them to bring in the ball.  He […]


Are we there yet?

Honestly, no we’re not.  Not yet anyway.  Now is NOT the time to throw McCown under the bus.  Yes he threw 4 INTs, but he deserves a chance to redeem himself.  After all, we gave David Garrard 4 years of chances right.  Luke McCown will start again and will play better.  Yes, Blaine Gabbert is […]



OMG, WTF JDR?  I’m not ready to hit the panic button and you shouldn’t be either, but hitting the WTF button could, should and is being hit over & over with reckless abandon.  Are you kidding us Del Rio?  Is this the best you can game plan?  Are you freakin serious?  You don’t deserve your […]


Luke “Balls Out” McCown

Luke McCown is “ALL IN” as the Jaguars starting QB now that Garrard has been shown the door.  Luke makes good decisions & gets the “BALLS OUT” fast.  No more holding onto the ball forever and a day until the QB gets sacked.  No More staring down a receiver all the way through his route […]