Jaguars have top up and coming assistant coaches

Agent Bob Lattinville, of Premier Stinson Sports represents over 100 pro and collegiate coaches, came up with a list of top up and coming assistant coaches for ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky and two Jaguars assistants made the top 10. Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter was ranked No. 1 and Matt Griffin, an offensive assistant, ranked No. 10. What does […]

Sample Budget

Okay guys, Shane said he isn’t very familiar with how budgets work. It isn’t very complicated, I will post a sample one below. Due Monday, May 23: ?         Mud, Mud Walk in danger of closing for reals: Amanda ?         Armed Forces Day word on the street and photos: Amy ?         Ortega, profile on Winter Park WWII vet: Isaac ?         Lego, […]

Another Mock Draft Participation

I participated in a mock draft among various fans and student journalists that one of my fellow classmates organized. They had no place to publish the draft so I put it on an old blog of mine that is no longer in use. Check the draft here. I made the Jaguars pick this morning. The […]

Schedule Analysis

  The schedule was released April 19 and what has many fans buzzing is a bye week right smack in the middle of the schedule. The Week 9 bye comes in the middle of a three game road trip and in between two key AFC South games, but we will address that shortly. The real […]


Potential Changing of the Guard

  Every year analysts from the evil four-lettered company debate which teams could be considered risers and fallers. For various reasons teams are deemed to be reloading or rebuilding and others are expected to stay on pace with recent years. To break this down to a Jaguars standpoint, we are going to discuss a few […]