Blaine Gabbert Sack

What Blaine Gabbert must do to hold off Chad Henne

Blaine Gabbert will walk onto the field tomorrow night as the Jaguars' starting quarterback, but that doesn't mean he'll still be in that position by the start of the season. Here’s what Gabbert has to do to ensure his survival as the Jaguars’ starting quarterback moving forward. Step into pressure) Gabbert has been widely criticized […]

Blaine Gabbert

Jaguars July update

It's been over a month since I dropped some thoughts about the Jaguars. Now that the first round of preseason games and training camp are right around the corner, here's some things I'm looking for once real football gets going. Maurice Jones-Drew is good to go) With no charges stemming from Jones-Drew's altercation with security at […]

Maurice Jones-Drew

Jaguars offseason update

It's been an eventful offseason for the Jacksonville Jaguars. New general manager, new coach, new attitude, oh, and there's a new offensive tackle to protect the quarterback. Still, the big news this week has been Maurice Jones-Drew's alleged batter of a security guard a at a restaurant. Here's some quick thought-drop style points for our […]

Jaguars New Uniforms

Jaguars unveil new uniform

Today the Jaguars unveiled their new uniforms. Shahid Khan and the Jaguars will now be sporting a uniform which features a military-esque patch over the players' hearts as well as a helmet that fades from matte black in the front to gold in the back. Their primary home uniforms will be predominantly black with a […]

Jaguars’ schedule and prediction

Yesterday, the NFL released its 2013 season schedule. As expected, the Jaguars snagged just one prime time game, a Thursday night match-up at Everbank Field against the Texans on December 5th. If the Jaguars get a little bit of luck and play well, that game could have some meaning. The Jaguars are a team in […]

Andre Smith Bengals

Jaguars’ offensive line could benefit from free agency

One of the major areas of concern for the Jaguars as they head into free agency and this year's draft is the state of their offensive line, which surrendered sacks all season long in 2012. The good news is that the draft and free agency both offer them routes to upgrade one of their weakest […]

David Garrard Throwing Motion

2013 rebuild far different from 2009

This will once again be a rebuilding year for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I can already feel your eyes rolling as you read that first statement, but it doesn't make it any less true. Still, this season should bring a new level of energy to a fan base that has been given nothing but poor cliches […]

Gabbert Sacked Houston

Do the Jaguars still trust Gabbert?

When a team just wins two games in a season, a number of roster spots will be open for competition. Perhaps the biggest one will be quarterbacks, as neither Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne did enough to lock up the position heading into 2013. So the question is, what type of direction will Jacksonville go […]

Everbank Field

Jaguars president Mark Lamping says blackouts aren’t relevant

For years, the Jaguars have been synonymous with blackout talk whenever the subject of a team moving to Los Angeles came up. While it's always been apparent to those with some level of insight that the Jaguars wouldn't be moving anytime in the near future, that hasn't stopped most media outlets from citing the Jaguars […]

Colby Cameron Louisiana Tech

Jaguars could be eyeing Louisiana Tech’s Colby Cameron

With just under two months until draft day, it's still too early to begin considering exactly where specific players will fall, but it's never too early to consider which players a specific team may have their eyes on. With Alex Smith heading to Kansas City, the Jaguars will likely have a shot to draft quarterback […]

Caldwell Bradley

The Jaguars’ offseason buzz continues

Ever since the debacle known as the 2012-2013 season ended, the Jacksonville Jaguars have primed themselves to have one of the most newsworthy offseasons in recent memory. With so many new additions to the organization, one cannot help but feel genuine optimism about the team. So with the 2013 NFL Combine and the 2013 NFL Draft rapidly approaching, here […]

Jaguars New Logo

Giant scoreboards in Jacksonville could work well for the team, city

The big news yesterday from the Jacksonville Jaguars was the announcement of their new logo set which will accompany their yet to be revealed uniforms. The teams is bringing a message of "re-birth" to the forefront this offseason, and part of that may include stadium upgrades for Everbank Field. The big stadium upgrade this offseason […]

Should the Jaguars trade Maurice Jones-Drew?

  Is it a good idea for any NFL team to trade their best player? Typically no, but the situation the Jacksonville Jaguars and Maurice Jones-Drew face is anything but typical. The star running back is in the final season of his contract and is coming off a season that began with a lengthy contract […]

Luke Joeckel

Jaguars’ first pick a question of necessity

Jaguars general manager David Caldwell has been very transparent and upfront about the Jaguars' new draft strategy as they head towards the 2013 NFL draft in April. The Jaguars will draft for need at the top of the draft and possibly pick the "best available player" in the latter rounds of the event. Under normal […]