Tim Tebow Jaguars

Tim Tebow not heading to Jacksonville according GM Caldwell

Big news has been pouring out of Jacksonville in recent days. First, David Caldwell officially became the Jaguars' new general manager, then Mike Mularkey was officially dismissed from the team, and now Caldwell is taking on "Tim Tebow to Jacksonville" rumors in a great way. "I can't imagine a scenario where he [Tim Tebow] would […]

Mike Mularkey

Season wrap: not a fun year for the Jaguars

It's taken me too long to get motivated enough to type something up to wrap up this season. It just hasn't been fun. All the optimism surrounding this team just evaporated at the beginning of the regular season and a poor football team, and that's being nice, was all that was left. The biggest story […]

Andrew Strickert of Total Titans answers our questions

To help round out our 2012 here at The Jaggernaut, Andrew Strickert of Total Titans agreed to answer some of our questions about the Titans and this weekend's game. If you'd like to see my answers to his questions, take a trip over to Total Titans and check it out. Once again, our thanks to […]

Jake Locker Sack

The Jacksonville Jaguars battle the Tennessee Titans in season finale

The Jaguars (2-13) will play their final regular season game against the Titans (5-10) in Nashville on Sunday. This game will unfortunately be devoid of meaning and purpose when considering playoff contention. The only importance this game has for the two bland, uninspiring and vanilla (not even French vanilla but pure, vanilla-y, vanilla) teams taking the […]

Mike Mularkey Lose

So what now for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

The Jaguars (2-12) traveled to Miami to take on the Dolphins (6-8) and their performance did not disappoint, if you expected to see horrendous, practically unwatchable football. It was a boring, ugly and downright tough game to watch. There were obvious mistakes, penalties and a lack of competitiveness throughout the course of the game. The […]

Gabbert Sacked

How bad is the Jaguars’ fall?

The plain and simple truth is that the Jaguars have fallen on hard times. The last few seasons have been as fun and exciting as watching your sibling beat you to a pulp in video games. But relatively speaking, how bad of a fall is this? At the conclusion of the 2007 regular season, the […]

Geno Smith Passing

Jaguars fans should be hoping for three more losses

It feels wrong, but I'm coming out and saying it anyway. Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars will always pull for their team to win games with their heart, but right now, my brain is telling me to hope for three straight losses to close out the year. 2012 has been one of the toughest seasons […]

blackmon in motion

Wife to Jaguars’ Blackmon: ‘You don’t quit on a play’

We all know that the Jacksonville Jaguars have had a less than stellar season – heck even a less than bad season. But after many games of me coming home from spending multiple hours on the sidelines taking photos and not having anything positive to say to my wife, I chose not to tell her […]

Tim Tebow not an issue for the Jaguars

The Jets are still in the process of coming to terms with what their season has become. For those of you that have avoided Jets football most of the year, it's a joke. The trade that moved Tim Tebow from Denver to New York was one of the few bright spots for the Jaguars in […]

Chan Gailey

Q&A with Bloguin Bills blogger Joe

Ignoring the alliteration of the title of this article, we were approached this week, as sometimes happens, by Bloguin's own Bills blogger, "Joe," for a Q&A. So, we exchanged some questions, and the following is his answers. You can find my answers to his thought provoking questions here. Enjoy. TJ: Chan Gailey seems to be […]

Chad Henne Scramble

Henne impresses in first Jaguars start

No one wants to admit when he's wrong, but that's something many Jaguars fans are coping with following Jacksonville's home victory over the Tennessee Titans. The Jaguars looked solid on offense. Even though they only mounted four scoring drives, three of those drives resulted in touchdowns, not field goals, and the Jaguars offense continued to […]

Jaguars, Titans open thread

Chad Henne gets his first start as a Jaguars player today against the Tennessee Titans. As always, thoughts and comments about the game below.