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Are the Jaguars uncertain about Blaine Gabbert’s injury?

With less than 24 hours until game time, the Jacksonville Jaguars seem to be unsure about quarterback Blaine Gabbert’s injured shoulder.

The Jaguars upgraded John Parker Wilson to the active roster from the practice squad Saturday night, the Associated Press reports.

That could be an indication that the team's confidence in Gabbert’s torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder is wavering.


Gabbert has prepared all week as if he is going to start against the Green Bay Packers, saying he will have to manage the pain. In practice, Gabbert has taken a majority, if not all, of the snaps with the first team offense which shows the coaches were expecting him to play the entire game.

But with the addition of JPW to the active roster, Gabbert’s injury could have either gotten worse late in the week or the coaches have lost confidence in his ability to last the entire game.

It will be interesting to see how Gabbert responds to the first hit he takes Sunday. He will likely be wincing and favoring the shoulder slightly all day, but look for happy feet and look for him shying away from contact.

If his mechanics regress, the coaches will probably pull the plug and we could have a Chad Henne sighting.