The Jaggernaut now taking fanposts!

Since taking over this website, we’ve seen significant growth, although that growth stalled significantly when This Give Sunday became my primary focus. Now I feel that I’m ready to re-devote myself to Jaguars coverage as well as my work at TGS. That is why I’m very happy and proud to announce that we will now be accepting fan submissions!

For those of you that are familiar with SBNation’s Big Cat Country, this won’t be much new, although the process is slightly different. In the menu bar, there are now two new items. “Fanposts” will direct you to posts written by our readers. “Submit A Fanpost” will direct you to a form by which you can submit fanposts.

Here’s our very simple guidelines for fanpost submission. Be nice. I’m more than happy to publish anything that is submitted so long as it is not derogatory towards others and has a point. That point may not be a good point, but I’ll publish it. I’ll also make no changes to the fanpost if it is published. It will be published as is, grammar errors and all. If the post is particularly good, I’ll post it to the front page. That’s it!

I hope to see fanposts come in on a regular basis. I really want to hear what you, the readers, have to say. Since these will not auto-post, there will be some delay in publishing fanposts, but I’ll try to post them within a 4 or 5 hours of submission at the latest on most days.

Shane Clemons

About Shane Clemons

Shane Clemons came from humble beginnings creating his own Jaguars blog before moving on to SBNation as a featured writer for the Jaguars. He then moved to Bloguin where he briefly covered the AFC South before taking over Bloguin's Jaguars blog. Since the inception of This Given Sunday, Shane has served as an editor for the site, doing his best not to mess up a good thing.