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Five biggest mistakes in Jaguars history

The Jaguars are once again looking like a team with no identity and no national following. It's at times like this that we have to wonder, what went wrong? Now, I'll try to answer that very question. Here's your list of the Jaguars' five biggest mistakes — ever.

5) Hiring Gene Smith: Right now, it's hard to argue against this pick on the list. Since taking over, the Jaguars have, arguable, gotten even worse than the mess that he has been attempting to pick up since early 2009. As it stands, the Jaguars have no franchise quarterback, no offensive playmakers (save for MJD, a pre-GM Gene era pick) and no pass rush. Yeah, it's bad.

4) Drafting Derrick Harvey: Hindsight is always 20/20. This pick still burns me to think about. Harvey was a terrible player with little to no work ethic. He was the embodiment of the idea that the Jaguars were one player away. The falloff during the 2008 season was inevitable, but this pick made it hurt that much more.

3) Benching Mark Brunell in favor of Byron Leftwich: I've said for about a decade now that Mark Brunell had quite a few good years left, but the Jaguars bailed on him during the third game of the Jack Del Rio era. Since that now infamous benching, the Jaguars have been without a true franchise quarterback, although you could argue that David Garrard looked like one in 2007.

2) The decay of the QB position: From 2003 to 2011, the Jaguars didn't draft a single quarterback. Blaine Gabbert was supposed to be the answer at the most important decision, but he hasn't panned out to this point. I know this is only his second year, but it doesn't look good.

1) Firing Tom Coughlin: Coughlin was a great coach when the Jaguars hired him, and he's a great coach now, some 17 years later. The Jaguars had a collapse following their success in the 90s, and they needed to rebuild. Yes, Coughlin was partially at fault for that collapse, but he should have been instrumental in turning the team back around. Had the Jaguars kept faith in Coughlin, do you think the team would be where they are now? I doubt it.

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