Gabbert proves doubters wrong


Blaine Gabbert played a full game with a torn labrum Sunday, and he didn’t just play, he shined.

The Jacksonville Jaguars sophomore quarterback proved all doubters wrong, including myself, by having a career day when he and the Jaguars could have just rolled over and conceded to the Green Bay Packers on the road.



Gabbert’s 303 yards were a career high, as he connected 27 times and had a quarterback rating of 80.6 – besting Aaron Rogers in all categories besides touchdowns and rating.

But the numbers are just that – numbers. The team still lost, and fell to 1-6.

What is more telling is the grit Gabbert showed taking several hits and not cowering in the pocket when the pressure heated up. Sure the team lost, but Gabbert showed why the front office traded up to draft him.

That performance may have given general manager Gene Smith a couple extra weeks in the front office.

As a team, the Jaguars showed they have some fight left and continued to play hard for first year Head Coach Mike Mularkey.

What is next for Gabbert? The task of repeating Sunday’s effort against the Detroit Lions at home. If he can show some consistency, he could win over some fans and prove his worth– but the jury is still out.