Everbank Field Tarps

Tarp removal illustrates smart business

The Jaguars don't look like a very good football team right now, but at least the business side of the team seems to have it together.

Jaguars president Mark Lamping announced today that the Jaguars are uncovering section 403 for Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears.

We’re pleased with demand for tickets for this game and we’re thrilled to be able to make additional tickets available to our fans.  -Mark Lamping, Jaguars President

The move is significant on a few fronts. First, it gives us something tangible to point to when we say that football can, and will, work in Jacksonville. This team is mediocre at best right now, and they're still managing to increase ticket sales. Jacksonville is behind it's team, something that can't be said for a number of other teams in the league.

The move also shows that Shahid Khan is serious about losing the tarps. Ticket sales usually follow a team's success to a certain extent, and the Jaguars are already showing success on the business end of the team under Khan. Let's just hope the football side of the equation follows.

This is a piece of good news, and I'll take it.

Shane Clemons

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