blackmon in motion

Wife to Jaguars’ Blackmon: ‘You don’t quit on a play’

We all know that the Jacksonville Jaguars have had a less than stellar season – heck even a less than bad season.

But after many games of me coming home from spending multiple hours on the sidelines taking photos and not having anything positive to say to my wife, I chose not to tell her how bad the team looked Sunday against the New York Jets. 

But when my wife leaned over the counter as she cooked up dinner, she asked me “How bad did they lose?”

Her response to my explanation that receiver Justin Blacmon quit on a play is one for the books.

I told her they made it close but at the end they lost on a bad play. Quarterback Chad Henne was under pressure and he threw up a pass expecting Blackmon to be there. But Blackmon appeared to quit on the play after, what I can only assume to be is realizing he was covered, and the ball was intercepted and the team lost 17-10.

Her response: “You don’t quit on a play. I don’t even watch football and I know that.”

Blackmon, allegedly, does not.

 I backed the rookie up earlier this season when many critics questioned him for quitting on a play, but as the old saying goes: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

For shame Justin Blackmon. For shame.