I told you so

I called this pick way back in December in my “missing link” article.  I gave you all the pros about drafting Blackmon with the Jaguars first round selection.  I have heard & read many nay-sayers dismissing Blackmon as the possible pick.  There was no doubt in my mind that the Jags would get Blackmon, no […]


Staying Optimistic

Before you lose your heads, this is meant as a joke; I know he’s getting better, but it’s still funny.

Dear Santa: Jaguars Edition

Hellow Jaguars fans, it has been a long time since I have blogged. I recently graduated from the University of Central Florida and was lucky enough to land a job at a newspaper in Jacksonville, allowing me to move back to my hometown and start writing again. The following is a memo to Santa Claus, […]


The Missing Link

  This is what the Jaguars are missing.  Take a real good look.  What do you see?  I see a dominate WR that fights for the ball every time.  I see a WR that can out jump defenders for the ball.  I see a WR that creates mismatches.  I see a WR that actually catches […]


Jaguars @ Falcons; Still Time To Make An Impact

The Jaguars want to get Maurice Jones-Drew in the endzone as often as possible. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of this tonight. Tonight the Jacksonville Jaguars visit their neighbor, the Atlanta Falcons. While the Jaguars are out of playoff contention, there’s still time for them to make an impact on the NFL’s playoff landscape. The […]


My Public Apology To Blaine Gabbert

Blaine Gabbert, shown above, effectively shut me up Sunday with a great performance in Jacksonville against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It figures that Blaine Gabbert would put this blogger in his place less than a week after I floated the question of whether the Jaguars should draft a QB again with their 1st round pick […]

Playing The “Blaine” Game

Blaine Gabbert will have to show Gene Smith some form of tangible development soon if he wants to keep his job as the Jaguars’ starting quarterback. It’s easy to blame Jack Del Rio or Dirk Koetter for the Jaguars’ offensive struggles this season. That comes as no surprise to anyone that those guys would be […]


The Wrath of Khan

Prepare for the wrath of KKHHHAAAANNNNNN!!!!!    Shahid Khan is the new owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  He paid a reported $760 million for the team……..IN CASH!!!!  Khan has wasted no time in changing the Jaguars.  Gone are Del Rio & his false promises.  Gone is the shoe salesman Weaver.  Gone is the former QB coach.  […]


Jaguars Sold; Del Rio Fired; Gene Smith’s Contract Extended

Well, if you missed all of the news out of Jacksonville today, you either live under a rock, a tree fell on the power lines outside your house, or you’re on sabbatical right now. Regardless of why you don’t know what everyone else who is even aware of the NFL’s existence already knows, here’s a […]


Hit the road Jack

Jack Del Rio has finally been fired. Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker has been promoted to head coach for the last 5 games of 2011.  In a move that suprised no one, (except for the fact that it came about 3 games too late) Jack has been shown the door.  The Jaguars will now start their […]