Shahid Khan quickly becoming the face — of the NFL?

When Wayne Weaver announced that he had sold his franchise to Shahid Khan last year, no one knew what to expect from the new owner. After a quick Google search, most of us knew that Khan had moved to the United States from Pakistan as a teenager. We also found that he had built himself […]

Pertinent articles from TGS

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve written a pair of articles at that are relevant to the Jacksonville Jaguars. I won’t rehash both of them here, but below are the links with excerpts. Fred Taylor forgives his former agent and highlights a bigger problem in pro sports. “Fortunately for Taylor, the scam that cost […]

Mularkey will donate $250 per TD to avoid costly penalties

Mike Mularkey hates excessive celebration penalties as much as fans do, and he’s willing to shell out some cash to prevent them (via WTEV 47): “Every time a player scores and hands the football to a referee, head coach Mike Malarkey donates $250 to the Ronald McDonald House. And the Jaguars matches it.”

An angry Tebow fan emerges

The following is from a heated exchange at TGS involving the comments section of a recent article I wrote. This guy is angry: “Listen Lemonsuckers, I seen Elway play from day one til he retired – and looking at your picture, you never saw him play….  don’t tell me how Elway Played when you were probably […]

Dunlevy’s cynical view of the Jaguars’ best case scenario

If you’re not new to the Bloguin network, you may be familiar with Nate Dunlevy’s work at or You may not know that he is also the lead AFC South blogger at Bleacher Report. Here’s Dunlevy’s very cynical view of the Jaguars’ best case scenario in 2012. “The Jaguars are going to improve […]

Prisco’s best one-liner — ever

Pete Prisco and Michael Lombardi don’t agree on whether Blaine Gabbert can play well in the NFL, but Prisco dropped the last word in this video, and it may have been his best one-liner of all time. “Two biggest myths in the league, Tim Tebow can play quarterback and Blaine Gabbert can’t; keep an eye […]

Jaguars take Tebow in Brooks’ ‘2010 draft re-do’

Apparently, journalists across the nation will insist that the Jaguars should have drafted Tim Tebow in the 2010 draft until the end of time. This from Bucky Brooks’ 2010 draft do-over on “10. Jacksonville Jaguars Actual Pick: Tyson Alualu, DTDo-Over Pick: Tim Tebow, QB (Broncos’ No. 25 pick) There is no way Shahid Khan would […]

TGS grades Jaguars free agency period

Bloguin’s own This Given Sunday has been going division by division and grading all the teams’ performances in this year’s free agency period. Here’s what Tom Gower of Total Titans gave the Jaguars: “Unless it was really Robinson that was the key man in Dallas in 2011, though, and not Jason Witten, Miles Austin, or […]

Jaguars’ coaches were always onboard with Gabbert

Great quotes from John Oehser. “But Jaguars Head Coach Mike Mularkey said Thursday evening said they were not direction-changing. And Mularkey said that means whatever happened this week, the franchise’s situation at quarterback remains unchanged. Blaine Gabbert is the starter, and developing him into a premier player remains the No. 1 objective.”

Adam Stites letter to Shahid Khan

This is a great letter by this site’s founder, Adam Stites, to Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan. “Giving up a 4th round pick for a third string quarterback who would play no more than five snaps a game as a role player is a joke, but it’s not the trade compensation that’s the issue. It’s […]

Yours truly taking a look at the Jaguars signing Robinson, Laurent

My take on the Robinson, Henne signings from This Given Sunday: “The Jaguars are operating as if Blaine Gabbert is a franchise quarterback. If he pans out, the Jaguars may be able to produce an average offense, and that, coupled with a stellar defense, could produce a playoff caliber team. The Jaguars success will be […]


Stop the Tebow talk, seriously

Paul Kuharsky of ESPN wrote this piece about the possibility of the Jags landing Tebow if Manning goes to Denver. Kuharsky doesn’t think it’s a good fit, and he’s absolutely right in thinking that, but I want you good folks to look at the poll results from the article. Oh come on people! Stop! Just […]

This Given Sunday “Burning question” series: Jacksonville Jaguars

Here’s the link to the article I wrote over at TGS for our “Burning question” series. The Jaguars have been slowly building their foundation since dismantling the team following the 2008 season. They overachieved in 2009 and 2010, nearly winning the divisional title two seasons ago. 2011 looked like a step back in the eyes […]