Welcome to the new Bloguin site: The Jaggernaut

I’m very pleased and excited to announce that The Jaggernaut is now a member of the Bloguin network. To the readers that have followed me from my time at Big Cat Country and my time writing for the old version of The Jaggernaut in the last month, thank you very much for continuing to follow.

To the new readers, welcome. Simply put, my goal is to present readers with the best Jacksonville Jaguars blog available to them on the internet. With the best analysis, news coverage and other content, I strive to see a continued improvement in my blog until it is the best without question.

Bloguin holds their bloggers to a high standard and I’m honored and excited to work with them. As a member of the network, The Jaggernaut is ready to reach new heights and expand it’s coverage to reach my goal.

As a member of the AFC South blogs, I’m also excited to work closely with fellow divisional blogs Total Titans, Texans Tribune and 18 to 88. Thank you readers for stopping by now and be sure to continue to visit as I plan on diving straight in. Most importantly, thank you to Bloguin for adding me to their network and welcoming me aboard.